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12V BMS 3S 200A Lipo Battery Protection Board small 1800W 12V Solar Energy Storage

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3S 100A 3.7V Spilt Port
Connection : Spit Port
Size: 116×50×12mm
Overcharge protection: 4.25v±0.25v
Charging recovery: 4.19V
Over-discharge protection: 2.8v±0.25v
Discharge recovery: 3.0v
Max continuous current: 100A
Max Charge Current :15A
Peak Current: Sampling according to the resistance value of the protection B- to the total negative electrode of the battery, adjustable. Max:300A
Balance current: 80 mA
On-resistance: 0.22 milliohms
Balanced starting voltage: 4.19v±0.25v
Charging recovery
Self-consumption: ≤35uA
Applicable to 12V Electric bicycle and electric tools within 1000W