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MOLICEL - 2800mAh 18650 - 35A 130w - INR18650-P28A

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*Molicel INR-18650-P28A Lithium-Ion Battery*

Power your devices with the reliable and high-performance Molicel INR-18650-P28A battery. Perfect for a variety of applications including electric vehicles, power tools, and high-drain electronics, this battery offers exceptional capacity and efficiency. 

- *Model:* INR-18650-P28A
- *Manufacturer:* Molicel
- *Capacity:* 2800mAh
- *Nominal Voltage:* 3.6V
- *Max Continuous Discharge:* 35A
- *Size:* 18650

- High energy density
- Excellent thermal stability
- Long cycle life
- Low internal resistance

Whether you're building a battery pack or need a reliable power source for your high-demand devices, the Molicel INR-18650-P28A is an excellent choice. Order now and ensure your devices run longer and perform better!